The Doublet Collection is a collection based on menswear from the 14th to the17th century. It is a futuristic take on mens outerwear from the Middle Ages.

Those time periods represented



Fabric: Wool and Reptile leather 

Color: Red and Black

This Doublet feature a high collar, chains, and symmetry all complementing the cut of the design. With bold coloring and details, this design says POWER! Fit for anyone seeking thrill, adventure and speed!


Fabric: Wool

Color: Gray and Black 

The name of this Doublet says it all, warrior with timeless style. Its high collar pairs well with the chest straps that buttons across the torso. The color is subtle yet eye-catching. Perfect for a night out on the town.


Fabric: Reptile leather 

Color: Brown 

The design of this Doublet screams ruler of the empire and King of the land. Which is how you would feel wearing this creation. The leather is soft and smooth, making the Doublet functional, light and wearable. Any self proclaimed King would feel at peace in this design!


Fabric: Reptile Leather 

Color: Black 

A stylish bikers dreams jacket. You can dress this Doublet up for a gala or dress it down while motorcycling through the city streets. This design features double breasted round lapels, gold plated buttons, epaulettes and a zipper collar. 


Fabric: Ostrich Leather and Velvet 

Color: Black 

EXOTIC, REGAL AND DEBONAIR were adjectives used during the creation of this Doublet. It looks like a tuxedo but fits like a bikers jacket. A mixture of both, it aims to please the King inside of you. Paired with hanging epaulettes and large puff pleats, this design is sure to be head turner.  


Fabric: Herringbone Wool 

Color: Tan 

This Doublet is form fitting and created with Herringbone wool. It's three tier closures are paired with sliver shank buttons which makes the entire design pop. It also has hanging epaulettes.  A king needs to be well dressed and ready for whatever comes his way and this Doublet is perfect for both occasions.