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This collection represents the "Ruckage man" and how he transitions from being a muscle car fanatic and biker to becoming a highly fashionable guy. He merges his lifestyle and his fashion sense together to create his style. With a perspective of his own, he can go from street racing to walking the runways of New York, Paris and Milan. Fast cars, night colors, speed, motorcycles and raceways are words to describe this collection. These inspirations are fused together to create the electric and futuristic style of this collection.

B L A C K  K N I G H T

Fabric:Waxed cotton

Color: Black

Dark and smooth are the adjectives to describe this classy but edgy jacket. The fabric is lightweight and features a soft hand with finely woven diagonal ribs on the face of the fabric, finished with a waxed coat giving the jacket a leather look. 

Black knight 2


Fabric: Reptile Leather 

Color: Black & Brown

This jacket represents the bomber jackets of the modern man. Its design is chic and smooth with guaranteed attention from on-lookers. The reptile leather is soft, giving the fabric a suede feel. 

virtuoso 2.jpeg

Fabric: Herringbone wool & Leather

Color: Tan & Peanut Butter

This contemporary jacket is reminiscent of a sports jacket with its wool material. It's made with with light weight wool and soft buttery leather. The jacket is met with detailed zippers on the seams of the leather giving this classic jacket a edgy feel.



Fabric: Wool

Color: Red

The eye catching jacket represents the past and the future. It represents the past because of the wool thats been around since before WWI and the future because of the design. The fabric is a dense, tightly woven material that is felted and heavily brushed for an ultra soft hand.



Fabric: Wool & Cowhide leather 

Color: Gray & Black

School days is what this jacket speaks. This ultra fine jacket is classic with its colors and cut. It reminds us of a prep school uniform of the future. It features durable & soft herringbone wool and 

cowhide leather. The jackets is completed with pleats and symmetrical cuts. 



Fabric:Wool & cowhide leather

Color: Red, Black & Gray 

This speed racing jacket captures what a guy should look like stepping out of a sports car such as a Ferrari. Wool like you never seen it before, the design embodies that classic edge every man wants to have. The pectorals stand out as it is highly detailed with puff pleats. The yoke of the jacket is also a huge focal point of this jacket. 



Fabric: Reptile Leather and Suede

Color: Black & Olive

Black chrome comes to mind when we see this design because the fabric shimmers like chrome under light. It features reptile leather thats soft with a glazed coating to give the fabric a wet and polished look.



Fabric: Checkerboard leather & Suede

Color: Tan, Brown & Black


This is a modern day hunters jacket made for the stylish man. The jacket offers a high 3 - 1/2 inch collar and sharp lapels. The checkerboard body is completed with suede detailing on the pectorals and sleeves which compliments the over design.