The Ruckage Denim Collection is a combination of unique denim fabrics designed with class, edge and futurism, with great “Attention to detail.” Drawing inspiration from the the militaryarchitecture and nature, this collection is exemplary of the many possibilities you can create with denim. This collection showcases how denim can be seen in a rough environment and simultaneously shows the contrast between the different textures of the environment and the design aesthetic of Ruckage Design Co.



Fabric: 12 oz Bull Brushed Denim

Color: white 

Power and serinty describes this heavenly design. This design springs inspiration from a high ranking military official and a high-powered luxurious automobile. The jacket offers a structured & layered neck line, oversized patch pockets, holster flaps, glazed shank buttons and a raised back yoke.


Fabric: 12 oz Bull Brushed Denim 

Color: Black 

This jacket is as smooth and sleek as a raven. The layering straps on the shoulders and chest paired with the holsters at the waist makes this jacket classy and futuristic. The embellishments of the buttons make the jacket more attractive by the addition of decorative details. The seams and straps on the back of the jacket gives the customers deep profundity of the design.


Fabric: 10 oz Bull Brushed Denim 

Color: Wine 

 This jacket has a contemporary yet futuristic feel. Its matched with shimmery shank buttons on the chest, cuffs and center back of this jacket. Bold detailing and layering of denim makes this the perfect show stopping jacket. This design is made with a soft bull brushed denim, giving the

design a soft hide-like feel.


Fabric: 12 oz Bull brushed denim 

Color: Olive 

Perfect for the spring or fall, the color of this denim jacket blends well with a crisp pair of jeans or twill pants. The seam work on the chest defines the Ruckage aesthetic and show the attention to detail done on this jacket. The fabric used on this design is a mid-weight denim with a soft ash to give the fabric a retro look. The gold cuffs and zippers brings out the color of the jacket even more. Adding belt-like straps on the back of the jacket gives the depth and innovation.


Fabric: 11 oz Indigo Denim 

Color: indigo 

This highly detailed denim jacket embodies the swiftness of the air and the beauty of a P-51 aircraft the Tuskegee Airman flew.  The denim is soft with a luxe feel and appeal. The front pectoral flaps and individual seamed pleats are innovative and a perfect pair for the zippers and shank buttons. The back of the jacket features wings that shows perfect symmetry along the center-back seam. This design seamlessly conjoin precision and nicety.


Fabric: 9 oz Bull Brushed Denim

Color: Brown & Cocoa


Color blocking and layering techniques describes this jacket perfectly.

The two tones of brown paired with the gold shank buttons makes this jacket stands out above the rest. Futurism and military personnel was this inspiration behind this design. The jacket features a long point collar, and a layered back yoke. A combination of abdominal Kangaroo pockets with embedded welt pockets complete this design.


Fabric: 10 oz Indigo Denim 

Color: Light Indigo


This eye catching jacket represents the future of denim. Inspired by aircraft navigation, this design encomposes minimalism with detail and structure.The shape of this jacket adds dimension, symmetry, and balance to the overall design. The wings on the back of the jacket represents flight and honor amongst the sky and stars. Its lightweight and structured design is great for any day or night out.